Please identify your Pack SNFS Leader and your Pack or Troop Popcorn Leader – July 15th Deadline

Minnesota Summer is just around the corner – not the weather or the end of the school year but the lake and vacation season. We Minnesotans have a tendency to put everything else on “hold” during Minnesota Summer. And yet in Scouting the fall season lies just beyond. I would like to get a head start on two important aspects of the fall season by having each unit identify (1) their Pack School Night for Scouting (SNFS) leader and (2) their Pack or Troop Popcorn leader.

Please respond using the link below by July 15, 2018.

Submit Popcorn Leader Submit Pack SNFS Leader

Yours in Scouting,

Jim Bollback
Program Relations Executive
Lake Minnetonka-Mustang
Northern Star Council, BSA
direct: 763-231-7223 | cell: 910-603-0040


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