Pack 283 – Wayzata Pack Updates Logo To Accommodate Girls

Pack 283 is excited to launch their new logo!

The update to the brand identity for Pack 283 in Wayzata, Minnesota (designed by Sussner Design Company) is intended to represent the fun, vibrant and adventurous spirit of the Pack. And now that Pack 283 is inclusive to girls and boys, the new logo and colors welcome all genders.

Pack 283 is proud to celebrate it’s 75th anniversary this year, and is excited for the adventures that lay ahead!

More about Pack 283 – Wayzata

About the New Logo – The proposed concept is fun and welcoming for all genders.  The illustrations have a modern aesthetic and were utilized to symbolize the great outdoors and the experiences that come with the territory. The horizon, trees and tent give way to, the personality of the pack. The addition of the date that Pack 283 was established as a supporting graphic element helps promote the impressive longevity of the Pack. With an uplifting motion to signify the progressive and inclusive movement of where Pack 283 is now, where it will go and the adventures that lay ahead.

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