Order of the Arrow – Indian Winter 2018 – Mar 9-11, 2018

Friday March 9th to Sunday March 11th

Indian Winter 2018 will offer an opportunity for Arrowmen across the section to participate in focus area including American Indian Crafts and OA Inductions and Ceremonies. The American Indian crafts will focus on learning about proper ceremony regalia. The construction and maintenance of individual regalia parts from roaches, chokers breast plates, breach cloths,leggings and moccasins to some of the less known. We will also cover regalia ranking though the use of accessories among the principal ceremonialist.


There will be indoor housing, meals, training, recreational opportunities and much more.


The event fee is $35.00, but there may be additional cost depending on any craft projects. Once you register we will send you a break down on the cost for craft kits so you can plan accordingly.


Any expense to you getting to and back from an event is not included in the event fee

Please direct any questions to Steve Young at

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