October Roundtable – WHAT TO EXPECT – Oct 4, 2018 – 7:00PM

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What to expect at this month’s Roundtable Meeting

The monthly District Roundtable meeting provides an information and training forum for adults involved as leaders in the Scouting program. Parents and children are welcome to attend. These meetings allow attendees from all parts of the Scouting program to:

◾ StayInformedDoubleLGDiscuss topics of interest, both formally and informally

◾ Learn new skills and program topics for your unit

◾ Learn about upcoming District and Council events

◾ Meet and exchange ideas with other leaders from the District

Roundtable is open to all adults involved with the Scouting program. Registered leaders are especially encouraged to attend.

LOCATION:  Wayzata Community Church, 125 Wayzata Blvd E, Wayzata, MN, 55391 map

Roundtable Early Check-in

Rather than completing the sign-in form when you arrive at roundtable, save the time and instead check-in now online.

Each Scout unit should send at least one representative to each roundtable meeting.


                         **Kids are always welcome to join their parents at Roundtable**


  1. Pick up your Unit Recharter Packet – Annual Unit Charter Renewal is that time every year when unit leaders review and renew their youth and adult member registrations for the coming year. Turn in your completed recharter packets at the November roundtable.  Things To Do For Easy Recharter Renewal
  2. Pick up your Program Jump Start Packets – This fall handout is your one-stop shop for information regarding council-wide programming over the coming year.
  3. Submit Your Family FOS Dates online  or come to roundtable with Your Family FOS Information. The information needed includes the following: the name of the FOS Coordinator for your unit, the email address of the FOS Coordinator, the date and time of your Family FOS presentation, and an alternative date and time for your family FOS presentation. Dates must be scheduled with the district by November 15th to qualify for free pinewood derby cars for packs or rank advancement recognition items for Troops and Crews.


Flags and Announcements

Bring Your Halloween Candy Treats to Share – It’s that time of year when roundtable brings out the inner ghoul and goblin in all of us. Consider bringing Halloween treats to share with other Scouters!

Big Rock Topic – Recharter

It is that time of the year again.  Whether this is your first or hundred and first, come get information on this year’s recharter process and pick up the packet for your Pack, Troop, or Crew.  Recharter this year is due by December 15th to qualify for JTE Bronze and Silver, and November 30th to qualify for Gold and Platinum.

Cub Scout and Boy Scout Breakout Program – Training

New to scouting? New to your position? Wondering what it’s all about or what is next? Just want to brush up on a position you have held for a while? October is our annual training extravaganza. Come and join one of the position specific training classes that will be offered. Pre-registration is requested.

Joint Training

Learn the Secrets of the Internet Recharter Process – Each year, every unit (Pack, Troop, or Crew) ensures that all of their youth members and adult leaders are registered with the Boy Scouts of America and they collect the membership fees. This is called the Annual Unit Rechartering Process. Attend this class and learn how to streamline your annual recharter paperwork using the online system. No registration needed for this class; just show up!

2018 New BSA Mandatory Youth Protection Training – The Boy Scouts of America’s updated Youth Protection Training is mandatory for all registered adult leaders in all BSA programs. Other adults participating in Scouting are strongly encouraged to take this one-hour online training. The prior version of BSA’s Youth Protection trainings will no longer be available. The updated training replaces all other Youth Protection trainings and is required for all BSA programs.

By September 30, 2018, all new and currently registered leaders will be required to complete the updated training.


Boy Scouts 

Den Chief Training – Packs and Troops attend together! Troops bring your Boy Scouts who want to be come Den Chiefs AND  the den leaders who they will be working with. This class is open to Boy Scouts 1st class rank or higher.


Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Leader Specific Training – Is your pack adding new adult leaders?  Get your pack leaders trained in time for the upcoming school year.  Training at Roundtable is FREE! Pre-registration is highly suggested.

  • Lion Leader
  • Den Leader
  • Webelos Leader
  • Cubmaster
  • Committee Member





Meetings of the Lake Minnetonka Chapter of the Totanhan Nakaha Lodge, Order of the Arrow, are held in conjunction with the district roundtables on the first Thursday of each month.

7:00 – 8:30 – OA Chapter Meeting During Roundtable 



Commissioners Meeting is for the Commissioners AND District Members.

6:00 – 6:30 – Prior to Roundtable

The topics on the agenda for our meeting will include the following.

  • UC subarea breakout session on unit cooperation in recruiting and other activities.
  • All Commissioners must be in attendance to distribute recharter packets to their units prior to Roundtable.

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