OA Elections!

Elections have started and will be continuing until results are due on April 15th. This year we are asking all units in the district to complete the following tasks, to help our OA lodge achieve Journey to Excellence.

2019 Elections

The 2019 OA unit election procedure is linked:

We ask units to complete one of the three following options.

1. Have an Election Team come to one of your unit’s meetings to conduct the electio This takes less than 20 minutes. Contact to schedule an election.

2. Have a partner troop that has done your election in the past come in and conduct the election. Reminder that only OA youth can run an election, not adults or non-OA youth.

3. If you have no eligible youth in your unit, contact us with that information. Part of our JTE is to have all units respond to us about elections, so even if one is not done, if we get a response we can count it to our JTE.

Election results can be turned in at our monthly chapter meetings or by emailing us at

OA Unit Representatives

We are requesting that all units in the district have an OA unit rep. This position is nominated by the scoutmaster and fulfills the leadership requirements for star, life, and eagle ranks. The requirements are they are in the OA, and while rep, attend 75% of our OA meetings.

Thank you.

Tom Worrell
OA Co-Chapter Chief

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