OA Conclave Safe Serv Kitchen Staff Needed

Adult Lodge Members, Unit Commissioners, and Scouters:

The chapter conclave is fast approaching, October 6-8 at Stearns in the Tonkawa Lodge. Our annual event for inductions requires a small, but skilled group of kitchen staff to prepare food for and feed 100 attendees.

This year we have had a situation arise where kitchen staff is short staffed due to health issues. We are just 8 days out and are looking for a replacement person that is Safe Serv certified. This unique training about how to manage kitchens and prepare foods, etc. is a mandatory requirement.

Since Safe Serv is somewhat unique, we don’t have an on-call backup. So I have a couple priority requests to make. Being an OA event it would be nice to find Arrowmen to provide this service but we are not making this a requirement. Anyone that likes to cook for large groups in a giant stainless steel kitchen is welcome.

First, do any of you have or know of someone that has Safe Serv and would be willing to join our kitchen for the weekend?

Second, I’m still sorting out the food shopping aspect for the weekend. We have a menu to use as a guide, we have a headcount, and we can either shop for ourselves or use a food service through the council that will deliver directly to Stearns. I will hopefully have more specifics on all this by end of day tomorrow.

Just so you know, I also have similar requests out to different distribution lists and other people outside our district. I’d rather ask too many people and get too many replies from helpful people and be over prepared than not be able to fill our gaps.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this message and considering a helpful reply. Please contact me directly at or by cell at 612-998-6286. If necessary please leave a voicemail, as I am not always able to answer the phone during workdays.

Thank you.

Brett Schneider
OA Chapter Adviser
Lake Minnetonka District
Totanhan Nakaha Lodge #16,WWW
Northern Star Council, BSA

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