Now is the time to start preparing for another great year for Friends of Scouting

Unit Committee Chairman, Unit Friends of Scouting Chairman, or Unit FOS Contact:

Now is the time to start preparing for another great year for Friends of Scouting and we need your help. Our goal is to ensure every unit makes goal this year.

Two Key Items to Plan for

  • Each unit must have two Family Friends of Scouting presentation dates (one primary and one follow-up) submitted by Dec 15th to be considered for incentives. It is important that we have these dates recorded, so that we can best support your campaign over the coming months.
  • Identify a Unit FOS Chair – this is One of the key factors for the success of the units who met or exceeded their goals was having a dedicated Unit FOS Chair volunteer that did the following:
  • Wanted a short term, role in the unit (approx. 1-2 months)
  • Had some administrative ability and detailed oriented
  • Weren’t afraid to communicate with families/reach out to alumni
  • Persisted even when people didn’t respond
  • Goal driven – felt accountable to meet goal
  • Has passion about what scouting has done for their family or others
  • Invited families and alumni to the presentation and ensured they attended (much less work for the FOS Unit Chair when this happens)
  • Attended training held at University of Scouting and at District Roundtable

There will be training at the University of Scouting on October 27th to help your Unit FOS Chair make this a successful campaign for your unit. 

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Thank you for your efforts to support Scouting in Northern Star Council.

Sally Jensen
Family Friends of Scouting Chairman

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