NOW is the right time to join Scouts!

Many times, families of prospective Cub Scouts and Scouts wonder “When can we join?” They might be more comfortable with “soccer season” or an enrollment window. One of the great things about Scouts is that you can join at any part of the year, including this spring!

Why join now?

One of the best opportunities for Scouts is Summer Camp. Joining now gives Scouts some time to get to know the other members of their Den, Pack, Patrol, Troop or Crew, start to work on advancement, and get to know the program before heading off to a great summer camp experience.

For the Cub Scouts, get started on Bobcat rank as your first step. For Troops, what a great way to start as a Scout and work towards First Class through First Class Adventure or BrownSea at one of our great summer camps.

Don’t view recruiting as a one-time thing

Scouting is a year-round activity, so why not recruit year-round? As unit leaders, district volunteers, and at the council-level, recruiting is being focused on an on-going process throughout the year. All units have the ability to, and are encouraged to, recruit youth members at ANY time during the year. We need to make sure our program is INVITING all year long.

Work to develop relationships with those you seek to recruit and retain. Instead of taking a one-and-done approach to recruiting, think of it as a continuous process that goes well beyond the first meeting.

It’s all about relationships as we focus on welcoming new members!

Maybe the better question is – why not join now?

Many Parents are looking for a summer activity that keeps their child excited, gets them outdoors, and gives them skills for a lifetime. Seems like Scouting has all of that and more!!

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Vicki Jurek
Membership Chairman

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