Camporee Host Unit Schedule – Please Mark Your Calendars?

Thank you for your past support providing great camporees for our Scouts, Scouters, and parents of Lake Minnetonka District.

Please find below the updated list of when your troop or crew is scheduled to participate as a ‘Host Unit’ to help plan and staff the upcoming district camporees. We rely on your unit’s participation, and the sharing of your talents and resources, to help provide quality camporee programs for the members of our district.

Please mark your calendar ahead of time to participate as a ‘Host Unit’ in our camporees. When your unit is scheduled to host, you will be contacted soon after the completion of the preceding camporee. It is important that you attend all of the scheduled planning meetings with or without your key scouts in attendance.

The host unit schedule can be found on the District Camporee webpage, or by using the link provided below.

Please contact the Lake Minnetonka District Activity Chairman with any questions or concerns.

District Camporee Webpage


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