Momemtum 2020 – Any Interest?

There are some Arrowmen who still would like to attend a national Order of the Arrow event this summer. To meet this need, a new event called Momentum is tentatively scheduled at the Summit Bechtel Reserve from August 3-8, 2020. This event will focus on the many programmatic opportunities that exist at the Summit. Momentum will have limited space and we are asking those who meet the CDC’s higher risk group to not attend. This event will be a contingent-only event, and the cost is $545 per participant. More information about Momentum can be found here.

At present (5/2/2020) there are no plans for a Totanhan Nakaha Lodge contingent to Momentum 2020. However, the basic structure is in place for a a Lodge contingent to attend. (The dates and attendance fees are similar to NOAC 2020.) Are there Arrowmen interested in determining if attending such an event is feasible? Email your interest to the Lodge Staff Adviser, Ben Coder at

Due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no guarantee that the Momentum event will not also be canceled. However, due to the decreased size of this event and the physical layout of the Summit Bechtel Reserve compared to Michigan State University, it is hoped that Momentum can take place. A final decision if this event will occur no later than June 17, 2020.

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