Annual Recharter: Membership Renewal


What is an Annual Unit Recharter?

Each year, every unit (pack, troop, team, or crew) ensures that all of their youth members and adult leaders are registered with the Boy Scouts of America, and collect membership fees. This is called the Annual Unit Rechartering Process.

This page will give you a general idea of the process and the timeline. The timeline is listed to the right.

Tips for Success

It's best if one person from your unit takes ownership of this process. Here are some key points to verify.

  • Get an accurate roster of all youth members, checking that all names are spelled correctly.
  • Review information for youth members, and correct any information on grades and ranks that may be incorrect.
  • Get an accurate roster of all adult leaders in the unit, checking to make sure that all names are spelled correctly.
  • Collect the annual membership fees and annual Boys' Life subscription fees from each member.
  • Anyone who is NOT listed on the Unit Recharter will need an application turned in with the Unit Recharter.
  • Ensure that all applications are completely filled out with birth dates and contact information.
  • Ensure that all adult leader applications are filled out completely, including birth dates, social security numbers, and signing the form granting permission for a background check to be performed.
  • After the Unit Recharter is submitted online, it MUST be printed off so that the unit leader and head of the Charter Partner can sign it before turning in.

The Boy Scouts of America has local professionals and volunteers to assist every unit with the rechartering process. Links to additional forms and guides can be found below.




Commonly Missed Items on Charters

Commonly Missed Items On Recharters

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Approval signatures and disclosure authorization forms are commonly missed items during re-charter, and account for many of our defective unit charters.  Ensure that all applications have the signature of the applicant, the unit committee chair, and the unit’s chartered organization representative before submitting your paperwork.  In addition to the applicant’s signature (as well as approval initials on the 2015 version of the application), all applicants are required to sign the disclosure authorization form on the opposite page from the adult application.


All charters require three approval signatures; one from the top unit leader (Cubmaster/ Scoutmaster/ Crew Adviser), one from the chartered organization (preferably the institutional head), and one from the Council.  As a unit, you need only secure the signatures of the top unit leader and the institutional head of the chartered organization.  Plan ahead to ensure that account for the holiday season in securing the approval signature of the institutional head.


The amount that is listed on the completed unit charter, is the amount due.  All units have registration accounts held at the office.  If it is your unit’s intent to use the in-house registration account, ensure that you have enough funds to cover the unit’s chartering fees.  Any applications submitted to the office, with the approval to use registration account funds by the unit will be processed—this may impact the ability to post the unit’s charter should the available amount be below the chartering fee.


When re-registering a Lion/ Tiger Cub Adult Partner in a new leader position, ensure to secure a new application.  Lion Cub and Tiger Cub parents are automatically registered as a partner to their youth when their son registers for Scouting—this registration is not a paid or background checked position.  When promoting Lion and Tiger Cub Adult Partners, follow the instructions on the front page of the Charter and include a new application.


When selecting “submit your roster” in the internet re-charter system, you are still required to print a final copy with which to secure signatures.  Ensure your copy does not have a draft mark.  Also, units are encouraged to submit complete charter documents to the Council office.  This ensures that all applications and chartering fees are properly recorded with the correct unit.

Annual Recharter Timeline

Internet Recharter

Streamline Your Annual Recharter Paperwork
  1. Get your unique unit access code from your charter renewal packet. Remember, you are considered a NEW USER every year on first login
  2. Work at your own pace. Save your work, stop, and start again, if necessary. Use the DRAFT feature until you have completed and verified all entries
  3. When absolutely FINAL, submit online once to NSC
  4. Print your new Recharter form
  5. TWO signatures: Institution Head and unit leader
  6. Calculate fees per recharter instructions
  7. Pay fees with separate check
  8. Bring your signed rechartered paperwork and additional applications (if required) to Northern Star Council office 5300 Glenwood Avenue, Golden Valley Mn 55422 Or, drop it off at our November Roundtable


Allan Arntson
District Commissioner

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