Lake Minnetonka District Needs You!!!

Are you a Wood Badge candidate looking for a ticket item? Roundtable! Are you just finishing a position in a troop or a pack and need a place to share all of your accumulated knowledge? Roundtable! Are you an individual that just needs to do more? Roundtable!

Monthly District roundtable meetings are a very important component of the district operations that provide valuable support to ALL units within the district. At Roundtable, timely information about District and Council activities and program is disseminated. Roundtable provides the opportunity for adult leaders to gain additional training on a multitude of topics relevant to the scouting programs. Roundtable is also the place where leaders can ask questions and submit ideas for program and activities.

The District is in the process of putting together a new Roundtable team after all previous members had transitioned on to other things. This has left the District with an amazing opportunity and challenge. The new team will consist of several people who can work together to provide the content the District needs and desires.

The roundtable team is lead by an Assistant District Commissioner (ADC) for Roundtables. Working with the ADC are a Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner, a Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner, and a Venturing Roundtable Commissioner who are responsible for the contents of each breakout session.

In addition to the team leads, a few more support members are needed to help spread out the workload among the various components of Roundtable. Six to eight individuals make a good size patrol in a troop and also would work well in a Roundtable “Patrol”.

There are many resources available for Roundtable program and staff just as there are for Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Venturing programs. Training for Roundtable Commissioners is available now on-line in My.Scouting.Org and locally at the University of Scouting and at the College of Commissioner Service.


If you have an interest and desire to help in this important part of Scouting, please contact me at . There are still many opportunities to help. Let me know where you would like to serve

Yours in Scouting,

Allan Arntson
District Commissioner

Post expires on Tuesday August 22nd, 2017

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