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What to expect at this month’s Roundtable Meeting

The monthly District Roundtable meeting provides an information and training forum for adults involved as leaders in the Scouting program. Parents and children are welcome to attend. These meetings allow attendees from all parts of the Scouting program to:

◾ StayInformedDoubleLGDiscuss topics of interest, both formally and informally

◾ Learn new skills and program topics for your unit

◾ Learn about upcoming District and Council events

◾ Meet and exchange ideas with other leaders from the District

Roundtable is open to all adults involved with the Scouting program. Registered leaders are especially encouraged to attend.

LOCATION:  Minnetonka Community Center 14600 Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka, MN 55345

Roundtable Early Check-in

Rather than completing the sign-in form when you arrive at roundtable, save the time and instead check-in now online.

Each Scout unit should send at least one representative to each roundtable meeting.


                         **Kids are always welcome to join their parents at Roundtable**


  1. Turn in your Unit Recharter Packet – Annual Unit Charter Renewal is that time every year when unit leaders review and renew their youth and adult member registrations for the coming year. Turn in your completed recharter packets to your Unit Commissioner at the December roundtable. Things To Do For Easy Recharter Renewal
  2. Submit Your Family FOS Dates online  or come to roundtable with Your Family FOS Information. The information needed includes the following: the name of the FOS Coordinator for your unit, the email address of the FOS Coordinator, the date and time of your Family FOS presentation, and an alternative date and time for your family FOS presentation.
  3. Pick up your Family Friends of Scouting Packet  more
  4. Roundtable handouts from December 2018  more


6:00 – 6:50 – Pinewood Derby Build Clinic – For adults and Youth – All Skill Levels

How do you spell success . . B-U-I-L-D  C-L-I-N-I-C !  On Thursday, January 3, 2019 the Lake Minnetonka District will offer a pinewood derby build clinic for parents and youth.

Bring your son or daughter. Arrive at anytime, stay as short or as long as your like.  Attend the build clinic; Stay for roundtable. Details


Flags and Announcements

Big Rock Topic – What Or Who Do You Want Us To Bring To Roundtable For You?

What or who do you want us to bring to roundtable for you?  A BRIEF Q & A session for you to provide feedback LIVE to the roundtable staff of how we can serve you better. You many also use the Quick Feedback Form below.

Quick Feedback Form

Boy Scout Breakout Program – Scout Program a the Philmont Training Center and Upcoming OA Elections

  • The OA Youth are presenting information about the upcoming election season, process, procedures to follow, and important dates.
  • Moose Stolarzyk, Philmont Ambassador, will he presenting about scout programs at the Philmont Training Center and other exciting opportunities that are available for entire scouting families.

Cub Scout Breakout Program  – Blue and Gold, Cross Over, Arrow of Light Ceremonies

What better topic could we do after a Pinewood Derby Build clinic??  While we have lots of Scouts around??

  • Blue and Gold, Cross Over, Arrow of Light ceremonies – What does your Pack do? Let us know by using the Quick Feedback Form below.

Quick Feedback Form

Bring your best programs to Roundtable to share with other units.

Let’s share ideas!!!

  • Have a cool cross over bridge you’d like to show?  Let us know and we will make sure you have room to set it up and show it off!!
  • Want to show off a special part of your Arrow ceremony? COOL – let us know and we will make sure you have time to share!!
  • Don’t think of it till last minute?  Bring it anyway and let us know when you get here and we will make time to fit it in anyway!
  • Not really sure what your unit should do for these programs?? Make sure you come and see what other units are doing and borrow some ideas from them!!

7:00 – 8:30 – OA Chapter Meeting During Roundtable 

Meetings of the Lake Minnetonka Chapter of the Totanhan Nakaha Lodge, Order of the Arrow, are held in conjunction with the district roundtables on the first Thursday of each month.

OA on the district website



Commissioners Meeting is for the Commissioners AND District Members.

The main topics on the agenda for our meeting will include the following.

  • 10 Minute Arrowhead presentation
  • Recharter Ideas
  • What is working, not working
  • Communication
  • Commissioner Tools

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