Northern Star Scouting has a new, virtual resource that will be coming soon to help keep families engaged with Scouting. Even if that Scouting has to be done at a distance. Starting at the end of September, Northern Star will have Den Meeting videos for each rank on a twice a month basis.

These videos will replicate as much of a Den Meeting as we can do virtually. It will have opening oath and law, advancement, activities, and more. We will also have a once a month live Pack meeting where we can recognize advancement and highlight Scouting opportunities. And we’ll hopefully have a little fun at the Pack meetings too.

This resource will work great for families who cannot be in gatherings, Dens that might be struggling to keep their program running, and anyone who might be interested in seeing what Cub Scouts is all about.

We don’t want this program to replace the Pack that you are in, but hopefully keep you active and advancing in the Scouting program.

Keep your eyes open for more details in the next few weeks. We are already hard at work developing content.


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