District Membership Status 2019 - What can you do to move the Thermometers Higher?

It’s Time to Plan for Unit Recruitment

It's that time of year for packs, troops, crews, and teams to plan for unit recruitment. Each unit needs to reach out into the community and invite new youth members and adult leaders to join their respective units, in addition to using the council's School Night for Scouting program. There are NEW resources available to promote your next recruitment activity using the buttons below.

Fall Recruitment Materials and Recruitment Training Video

Recruitment Guide and Resources

What can you do to move the Thermometers Higher?

  1. Continue to promote your Troop Meetings or your Pack Events as Additional Join Nights - Use the newly designed recruitment materials to promote your your meetings or events.
  2. Have your Scouts Recruit their Friends! - engage your Scouts in inviting their friends to join them in Scouting! Scouts can earn their Recruiter Patch by inviting a friend (or more) to join the Pack
  3. Host a Bring-A-Friend Event - Have your Scouts invite a non-Scout friend to a district sponsored Bring-A-Friend event, list of upcoming events.
  4. Let us know the dates of your pack, troop, or crew meetings and district will add them to 'Adventure Is Calling' so prospective families can see what activities are coming up in your pack! The district wills also flyer the schools that we have access to. Please use this simple form.

Total Membership To Date - Program Ending Dec 31, 2019

Venuters Membership June 7

*Each Friday the chart below will be updated as the number of new youth are added to the district roster.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Vicki Jurek
Membership Chairman

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