Commissioner Assignments

Dear Commissioners,

Here are your most recent assignments.

Commissioner Assignments:

  1. At our next Commissioners meeting on Thursday, October 4, 2018, we will have Bob Elliot join us to talk about the importance of attending the next College of Commissioners Service which is being held on Saturday, November 17, 2018. [Save the Date]. Bob is the Council Roundtable Commissioner and comes to us with a lot of experience and passion for Unit Service.

More information on CCS2018 at

  1. We need ALL Commissioners to attend the October Roundtable (10/4) to distribute recharter packets to their units and to attend the November Roundtable (11/1) to receive and check completed recharter packets.
  1. Commissioners should be encouraging their units to ensure all unit registered adults have completed Youth Protection Training by 9/28. Current YPT (since Feb 1, 2018) is required for recharter registration.
  1. Commissioners should be on the lookout for other individuals that can be recruited into the Commissioner Corps to help fill the gaps of unassigned units. Every unit should have a qualified and trained Unit Commissioner.
  1. Please consider working towards Commissioner Arrowhead and Commissioner knots.

Thanks for your hard work.

Allan Arntson
District Commissioner

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