Changes to District’s Email System

Our district email system is hosted by a company that is not our website provider. Since our website provider, GoDaddy, now offers a similar email system free of charge with our website service, we will be moving our domain email to GoDaddy sometime this week.

The only downside to this move is that we cannot offer web based email to our district members without paying a fee to GoDaddy. The email forwarding is free. Currently we have one person using a web based email account. The rest of the district members use email forwarding.

  • For those of you using an email forward, there is nothing for you to do, however the system might be down for a few hours sometime this week. Your emails will be delayed when the system is down. 
  • For the person using the web base email account, I would suggest opening a web base email account with Gmail (preferably), transfer your data, and let me forward to your new Gmail address. That way you can set up a signature on the account, similar to mine below, and the ‘from’ address on the email will include the domain address, similar to mine above.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you.

Scott Janke
District Vice Chair and Key 5

*Are you aware that there is a spot on the district website where you can view current announcements and updates just for District Committee Members?  GO to the Administration/ District Committee then click the red box, “Read On”, direct link


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