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Should you end your Scout meeting on a fun note or a reflective one?

Every unit meeting has a beginning and an end, often with a lot of raucous and exciting activities in between. As a leader, you’ve probably planned or helped plan quite a few, and have realized that scheduling can provide much-needed structure. That structure allows for moments of team-building, reflection and instruction. A prime time for these…

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Why Scouts, Venturers will want to enter the world’s largest student rocketry contest

Here’s a way for young people to have a blast while gaining first-hand insight into the science, technology, engineering and math (or STEM) skills behind rocketry. It’s called the Team America Rocketry Challenge, and it’s the world’s largest student rocketry contest. Scouts and Venturers, even those with little or no experience building and launching their own rocket, are…

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Neil Armstrong’s Scout hat, Silver Buffalo Award among items to be sold by Heritage Auctions

A collection of memorabilia from Neil Armstrong’s time in Scouting, including his Boy Scout hat, Silver Buffalo Award and a variety of Scout patches, will be auctioned off this week in Dallas. The Scouting artifacts are part of the Armstrong Family Collection, presented by Heritage Auctions and Neil Armstrong’s sons, Mark and Rick. The pre-auction…

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Youth elections aren’t immune to drama

Many youth leaders in Scouts, Venturing and Sea Scouts are chosen by their peers. It’s a great exercise in civics. However, like with any election, one side can be left disappointed with the results.  Let’s examine this scenario: Star Scout Adam and First Class Scout Timothy are running for patrol leader. Adam is the current…

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9 things I learned about bullying by talking to an expert

If you think you know everything you need to know about bullying, I have someone you should meet. Dr. Susan M. Swearer, co-director of the Bullying Research Network and a professor at the University of Nebraska, is one of the nation’s foremost experts on bullying and cyberbullying. She studies the latest research, concentrating both on the numbers…

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