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The 10 best patrol name ideas among 2017 March Madness teams

Eagles and Tigers and Bearcats? Oh my! A look at the nicknames of all 68 teams in the 2017 NCAA Tournament reveals some great ideas for patrol names. Here, the 10 best patrol nicknames taken from this year’s March Madness field. 10. Hurricanes School: University of Miami Why it’s cool: Wild, unpredictable and occasionally destructive. Does that describe…

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You earned a square knot? Congrats! Here’s how to wear it

You worked hard to earn that Scouting square knot and should wear it with pride. You also should wear it right-side up. (Unlike the Hornaday Award knot pictured above. It’s shown upside down to illustrate my point.) Quick refresher: Square knots are rectangular representations of a variety of Scouting awards. Most of these awards are for adult volunteers, but there…

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At U.S. Capitol, Scouts present Report to the Nation to Ryan, Pelosi

When the Report to the Nation delegates described their Washington visit to the Secretary of the Senate, she was floored. “That’s not a routine week in Washington by any stretch of the imagination,” said Julie Adams, whose office handles the Senate’s day-to-day operations. Adams listened intently as the Scouts described visits to memorials, exclusive tours, and meetings with…

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Dr. Thomas Starzl, Eagle Scout and ‘Father of Transplantation,’ dies at 90

Dr. Thomas Starzl, an Eagle Scout who performed the first-ever liver transplant in 1963 and pioneered transplant surgery and anti-rejection drugs, died on March 4 at age 90. Dr. Starzl’s research advanced organ transplantation from a risky and rare procedure to a surgery accessible to patients in need. “We regard him as the father of transplantation,” says…

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The U.S. Naval Academy’s lesser-known tradition: Scouting

Tradition is a big deal at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., where young men and women train to become officers in the Navy and Marine Corps. Every midshipman must jump off the 10-meter (33-foot) diving platform to graduate. It’s said that if you step on the academy’s seal, embedded into the ground near the dorms at…

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