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Calling all Scouting alumni! Let’s meet at Philmont this summer

“Once a Scout … Always a Scout.” That’s the mantra for the BSA Alumni Association. The association, created in 2008, serves as an umbrella organization for many Scouting affiliations and networks, like the National Eagle Scout Association, Alpha Phi Omega and more. There are many groups that connect people through shared interests or experiences, but…

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How many U.S. presidents were involved in Scouting in their youth?

It’s a tantalizing question worthy of campfire discussion: Which U.S. presidents throughout history would’ve been Scouts if the organization existed when they were young? Would Teddy Roosevelt, who was a council commissioner as an adult and established five national parks as president, have enjoyed monthly hikes with his troop? Would George Washington have won election…

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Tune into the new #TrekOnTuesday for a month of giveaways!

If you love #TrekAt2, things are about to get a whole lot cooler (and more convenient). And if you’re new to the world of Scout Life’s virtual treks, stories from the magazine, interviews with outdoor experts and exclusive, digital experiences, you’re joining this party at just the right time! Starting Tuesday, Feb. 1, #TrekAt2 will make…

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