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Does Rolling Your Clothes Save Space?

Q: Does rolling up your clothes really work when packing? — Cody, Orange City, Iowa A: It will depend on what you’re packing. Try this: Empty a dresser drawer at home, and then fold and place your clothes inside until the drawer is full. Then take the clothes out and roll up each item tightly…

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Stuff We Like: Smart XXL Camping Cot

OK, OK, this cot is heavy, bulky and pricey. But this is “Stuff We Like,” and we like the RIO Gear Smart XXL Camping Cot from ShelterLogic ($100, It measures about 7 feet long and more than 3 feet wide. It’s comfortable, easy to set up and strong enough to hold 600 pounds. A…

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How to Buy a Great Pair of Hiking Boots

Whether you’re a dayhiker conquering local hills or a hardcore wilderness backpacker, your most important piece of gear is the same — and it might be the item you’ve put the least thought into buying: your boots. The wrong hiking footwear can send a backcountry adventure downhill fast. Take your first steps on your next…

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9 Things to Know About the Night Sky

Thousands of years ago, ancient astronomers observed the night sky and saw stars bunched together in what they called constellations. In one part of the sky, there was a group of stars that looked like a connect-the-dots lion, and they named it Leo. In another part, they saw stars that looked like a hunter with…

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How to Make a Fuzz Stick to Help Start a Fire

It’s drizzling, and you want to start a fire. Any tinder you gather will likely be too wet, right? Wrong. You can create an effective fire starter, even with a wet piece of wood. Just grab your knife so you can make a “fuzz stick.” The best piece of wood to use is one without…

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How to Buy Good Gloves or Mittens for Winter Activities

Serious mountaineers, polar explorers and other adventurers who routinely face extreme cold follow a hard-and-fast rule: Always bring extra gloves, because losing the use of your hands creates a life-threatening situation. You might never encounter such danger, but whatever your outdoor activities, the choice of handwear matters a lot. GLOVES OR MITTENS BUYING TIPS Gloves…

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8 Awesome Animals That Got Their Own Statue

Whether fearless or funny, animals throughout history have inspired statues and memorials. Here are some monuments still standing today. Hachikō Hachikō, famous for his loyalty, is memorialized in bronze in Tokyo, Japan. After Hachikō’s owner died in 1925, the dog returned to a train station for years to wait for him. Winnie Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada,…

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Does a Sleeping Bag’s Degree Level Matter?

Q: When choosing a sleeping bag, does the degree level really matter or is it just a recommendation for comfort?— Ethan, Springfield Township, New Jersey A: If you were dressed in a base layer of clothing and zipped up in your bag on a winter sleeping pad in a climate-controlled room then, yes, the degree…

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