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How to Prevent and Treat Snake Bites

It can be unsettling to come across a snake on a campout, especially a venomous one. Snakebites present a potential danger — about 8,000 people in the U.S. are bitten by pit vipers and coral snakes every year, while another 37,000 are bitten by nonvenomous snakes. Deaths are extremely rare, but it’s still best to…

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How to Buy a Great Daypack for Hiking

Dayhiking is simple: Stuff what you need into a small pack and head off for a day of adventure. What can seem complicated is picking the right daypack. YOUR FIRST QUESTION: WHAT DO YOU NEED A DAYPACK FOR? Determining when, where and how far you hike — and how much gear you’ll carry — is…

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Best Water Bottle for a Long Camping Trip

Q: I am going on a long camping trip. What is the best water bottle to bring? — Andrew, Yorktown, Virginia A: If you’re car camping with a dayhike or two on the schedule, take a look at CamelBak Chute Mag bottles ($15, holds 32 oz., or Nalgene bottles ($12, holds 32 oz.,…

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How to Make a Monarch Butterfly Habitat

The monarch butterfly population is in decline. To help out these beautiful creatures that pollinate wildflowers, you can build this protective habitat. It provides access to sunlight and keeps out predators, giving monarchs a safe place to grow before being released into the world. WHAT YOU NEED TO MAKE A MONARCH BUTTERFLY HABITAT Common milkweed…

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Even at Yosemite, Prepare to Be Flexible!

Editor’s note: Yosemite is operating under special restrictions right now. Find details from National Park Service.  Plan. Prepare. Adjust. Great. Only a couple of miles into a multiday trek, and it’s getting late and there’s already a water crossing. A wide one. Sure, it’s not that deep, and there are spotters ready to help. But…

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Go on a Virtual Safari to See Wild Animals

Even if you can’t travel to Africa or visit a world-famous zoo, you can still watch wild animals in action. Many zoos, aquariums and nature parks provide live web cameras with 24-hour video feeds so you can do your animal watching at home on your computer, tablet or smartphone. There are dozens of live animal…

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Can You Hang a Hammock in a Tent?

Q: Is there a way to hang a hammock inside a tent? — Cory, Dallas Georgia A: Tent poles aren’t designed to safely hang a hammock, but you have a couple of options: Many manufacturers sell tarps designed to go over your hammock to shield you from rain and wind. You can find some for…

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Scouts Explore Laurel Caverns

Can these explorers keep cool when their eyes play tricks on them and their headlamps go out? The group of Scouts and Venturers from Olney, Maryland, can’t believe their eyes. After making their way deep underground through a cave called Laurel Caverns, they had just seen a golf ball roll uphill. Was the lack of…

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Expert Tips and Picks for Comfortable Hammock Camping

Hammock camping looks so fun, right? It can be a comfortable alternative to tent camping for backpacking and drive-in campgrounds. If you’re going to try it, do it right with these expert tips and picks for the best gear. PROS AND CONS OF HAMMOCK CAMPING For starters, understand the pros and cons of hammock camping.…

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