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Does the National Jamboree count toward a National Outdoor Award?

The National Outdoor Awards, which debuted in 2010, are how the BSA recognizes Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Sea Scouts or Venturers who demonstrate knowledge and experience in high-level outdoor activities. Young people can earn badges in one or more of these six areas: Camping, Aquatics, Conservation, Hiking, Riding and Adventure. Once earned, the patch and…

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Scouts’ Experiment Launches into Outer Space

(Photo credit: Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune) Monday, a team of Scouts watched in amazement as the project they had diligently designed and built over the last two years blasted into outer space. The launch is part of a unique partnership between the Boy Scouts of America Pathway to Adventure Council and the Center for the Advancement of…

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Teen Earns Eagle Scout by Helping Puppies

Roberto D. has always been a fan of animals. In particular, he loves puppies. He and his family are big supporters of their SPCA, so when it came time for Roberto to complete his Eagle Scout project, helping out the puppies at the SPCA was a natural fit. He constructed dog beds for a local animal…

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These Brave Scouts Stopped a Wildfire

A wildfire might not be a normal part of a hiking experience, but every year, thousands of Scouts go hiking, and, while they don’t always know what they’ll encounter on those hikes, a good Scout knows it’s important to be prepared. Scouts talk about stopping a wildfire while on a hike (photo: NBC KING 5…

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In ‘SOS: How to Survive’ on The Weather Channel, Eagle Scout shares camp hacks that could save your life

It started with the Wilderness Survival merit badge, earned at Maumee Scout Reservation in Indiana. Then there was the 2-inch ad in the back of Boys’ Life magazine promising “amazing hidden secrets about rugged wilderness survival” to anyone who sent $1 for postage and handling. Beginning Sunday, Eagle Scout Creek Stewart’s quest to become the ultimate…

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Venture Crews 283 and 835 Head North for Two Unique Adventures

BWCAW  and Quetico Provincial Park  – June 12-22, 2017 Venture Crew 283 entered the BWCAW by way of the Gunflint Trail at Tuscarora Outfitters on Seagull Lake.  Paddling against the wind through beautiful lakes towards America Point and Cashe Bay, they entered Quetico Park and paddled close to Spirit Falls. On their way they saw…

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