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As the weather turns cooler, Troops and Webelos should start thinking ‘Crossover’! Troops should be reaching out to their local packs to invite Webelos (4th AND 5th graders) to visit or join them for an activity. Second-year Webelos leaders should be thinking about finishing up Arrow of Light requirements and start planning crossover ceremonies. Over…

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District Membership Status 2019

Let’s Keep the Membership Growing! Lake Minnetonka has welcomed 20 more Scouts to the program over last year! Why is Membership Growth Important? Membership Growth simply shows that we’re sharing the values of Scouting with more young people and their families. The skills taught in weekly meetings or earned on campouts stay with Scouts forever.…

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Family Friends of Scouting

Family Friends of Scouting Check Your Unit’s Goal Status – District Thermometer – Tools For Presenters Here you will find the tools for unit leaders and presenters to complete and manage your Unit’s FOS Campaign Unit Incentives: When units reach their goal by May 15, 2020, Packs will receive FREE Pinewood Derby cars. Troops and…

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See Who Attended Roundtable – 2018-2019 School Year

See Who Attended Roundable – 2018-2019 School Year Event Details Lake Minnetonka District Roundtable The monthly District Roundtable meeting provides an information and training forum for adults involved as leaders in the Scouting program. Parents and children are welcome to attend. These meetings allow attendees from all parts of the Scouting program to: Discuss topics…

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Lake Minnetonka – Annual Recognition Dinner 2018

Lake Minnetonka – Annual Recognition Dinner 2018 Thursday, May 3, 2018 at the Wayzata Country Club, Wayzata. Our Volunteers Are A Treasure! The Lake Minnetonka District held their 2018 District Dinner and Recognition event on Thursday, May 3, 2018, at the Wayzata Country Club. The friendship and fellowship of all of our volunteers added to the…

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