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Scouts BSA Troop 8222 of the California Inland Empire Council. There’s enthusiasm for the launch of Scouts BSA everywhere you look. You see it on social media, where young people are saying, #ScoutMeIn. You see it on the news as reporters highlight the BSA’s commitment to the whole family. And you see it in all 50…

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Boy Scouts Is Now Just Scouts . . . My Thoughts

DAVE RYAN (printed with permission) People have been asking me “What do you think of the Boy Scouts changing their name to ‘Scouts’?”A lot of people say it’s just Boy Scouts caving in to pressure.  And there is some of that.  No organization can thrive if it’s continuously being criticized for not being inclusive.  I’ve…

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Friend of Scouting Tips for Packs!!

Pack Family FOS Presentations Scouting’s anniversary was Friday, which means a majority of our Blue and Gold Banquets are this week!  We coach our packs to schedule their presentations at their Blue and Gold because it is the meeting with the most parents and families present.  Be Prepared so you don’t miss this prime opportunity!…

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Tips for deducting Scouting expenses on your tax return

UPDATED: This text, first published in 2011, was updated Feb. 4, 2019, with 2018 tax season info. This includes a complete refresh and an accuracy review by Eagle Scout Michael B. Carr, CPA. (Thanks, Michael!) DISCLAIMER: While this text was reviewed by a CPA, this material is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended…

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