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Everyone who drives Scouts should take this free online training course

Accidents are quite rare in Scouting. But when one does occur, it probably didn’t happen while camping. It likely didn’t involve backpacking, canoeing or climbing, either. The majority of Scouting accidents happen on the way to or from Scouting activities. They happen on the road. As a Scout leader responsible for driving Scouts or Venturers to Scouting activities, you should do…

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Scoutmaster Bucky Advancement Opportunities

Scoutmaster Bucky provides advancement opportunities for Boy Scouts in the areas of Merit Badges, Rank Requirements, and Training. Based out of Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota, the Scoutmaster Bucky program is open to ALL registered Boy Scouts of America scouting youth and adult leaders. 205

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Be An All Star at Summer Camp 2017

Being Solo Is A-Ok! The All-Star program lets Scouts that can’t attend camp with their own troop join in the fun. Our veteren camp staff act as the adult leadership to guide Scouts through the week. Each Scout gets the same oportunities they’d have if they came with a troop. Here’s a great chance to…

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Why you should designate 1 responsible person to be a water watcher

If everybody’s in charge of watching kids in the water, that usually means nobody is watching. By selecting a single, responsible adult to be in charge of supervision, you could prevent drownings and save lives. Designate a water watcher — at both Scouting and non-Scouting events — whenever you’re in, on or around water. Why not use the team approach?…

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What to expect at the 2017 National Jamboree stadium shows

Jamboree shows are a big reason these quadrennial events are so epic. Tens of thousands of Scouts and Scouters gather to laugh, get inspired and rock out to some great music. Shows are a visual reminder that, as Scouts, we’re part of something bigger than our own troops and councils. The stadium shows at the 2017 National Jamboree will be some…

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BSA’s Tour and Activity Plan eliminated

Be prepared to spend less time filling out forms and more time having fun. The Boy Scouts of America has eliminated its Tour and Activity Plan, shifting the focus away from paperwork and toward creating a safe space for Scouts to enjoy the program as designed. The Tour and Activity Plan was a two-page document submitted to your…

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