Burger Burn Special Request for UCs


Unit Commissioners:

I am requesting that ALL Unit Commissioners plan to attend the August Roundtable on August 2, 2018. This is the famed “Burger Burn”, a free diner event (with RSVP registration,

The emphasis of the roundtable is Year-Round Recruiting, School Night for Scouting logistics, Popcorn fundraising in units, JTE details, and a presentation of all the district subcommittees.

Your presence is needed to welcome unit scouters and absorb all the information to be relayed to your units, if needed. If you will be there, but do not planning on eating, please send me a text or an email confirming your attendance.

The food will be served at 6:30PM with the roundtable beginning at 7:00PM. This is an outdoor event located at Parker’s Lake Park (north shelter) in Plymouth. There is NO commissioners meeting this month. The next Commissioners meeting will be on September 6, 2018, back at the Minnetonka Community Center.

Thank you.

Allan Arntson
District Commissioner
Lake Minnetonka District BSA

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