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How to have a smooth — and successful — Webelos transition

How to have a smooth — and successful — Webelos transition By Nettie H. Francis Cub Scout Leadership, Cub Scouts, Leader Advice and Inspiration, Scoutmasters, Scouts BSA, Scouts BSA Leadership, Volunteers, Webelos Scouts CATHY BURKS, a Webelos II leader in Pack 177 in Belton, Texas, was looking for the perfect Scout troop for the boys in her den but had no idea…

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How to avoid a final-year Webelos burnout

How to avoid a final-year Webelos burnout By Nettie H. Francis Cub Scouts, Webelos Scouts In high school it’s called “senioritis.” Some Webelos Scouts feel similar final-year doldrums as they eagerly await the transition into Scouts BSA. This can be avoided. How do effective Cub Scout leaders maintain momentum with their Webelos Scouts? Keep it exciting.…

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Rethinking the Blue and Gold Banquet

By Mark Ray Photographs by Michael Roytek From the January-February 2019 issue of Scouting magazine Cub Scout Activities, Cub Scout Corner, Cub Scouts, Magazine, Videos Way back in 1952, The Boy Scout Encyclopedia — yes, there really was such a book — included this description of the pack blue and gold dinner: “Often the mothers…

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A first-timer’s guide to camping with the whole family

A loud thwap! echoes among towering hardwoods. Helen Olsson stands with her husband, Jeff, at a sizzling cook stove, on which dinner is only a few minutes from being ready. At the sound of another thwap!, the duo decides to investigate. The couple’s three kids, ages 11 to 16, were charged with pre-dinner entertainment —…

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