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Family Friends of Scouting Presenter Training – Open to Key Unit Leaders, Unit FFOS Coordinators, or Anyone Interested

Presenting Friends of Scouting at your Pack, Troop, or Crew?   We’ve got some new, exciting training for you – Stevie Ray, a successful keynote speaker, corporate trainer, entertainer, talented writer, lucky husband, and worn-out stepdad, lead both of our training sessions. Whether you’ve given presentations for 20 years, taken his trainings before, or are just…

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2018 Submit Your Unit’s Family FOS Dates

Unit Committee Chairman, Unit Friends of Scouting Chairman, or Unit FOS Contact: December 15th is the deadline to have your Family Friends of Scouting dates submitted for the 2018-2019 campaign.  Each unit must have two dates (one primary and one follow-up) submitted prior to the 15th in order to be considered for incentives.  It is…

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You can still contribute to the Family Friends of Scouting campaign – CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR UNTS THAT HAVE MET OR EXCEEDED THIER FOS GOALS!

The Family Friends of Scouting campaign makes Scouting happen! Your contributions made possible significant camp improvements at Camp Kiwanis and Camp Stearns, Grey Wolf, and Wood Badge trainings for over 400 participants last year, as well as ongoing support for all of our council camps and the ongoing programs and support our council provides units.…

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Congratulations To Our Units Who Have Met Their FOS Campaign Goals

We are half way through our FOS campaign with $31,037 raised! Our thermometer is slowing rising. 28/46 units have completed their FOS presentations! Congratulations to five of our Units who have met their FOS Campaign Goals! Thank you for your hard work in completing your campaign! Pack 3427                231.1% Pack 3477                194.3% Pack 3429                182.1% Pack 3537 …

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Friends of Scouting – Check in on your progress!

Many of our FOS presentations are happening in the next six (6) weeks. As you work your campaign, each unit should have a goal of 100% of pledge cards turned in – regardless of whether the parent or adult leader makes a gift. Once you’ve had your presentation, make sure that you: Turn in your…

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