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Have you completed your Troop Annual Plan yet?

We plan so we can deliver a high quality program to every Scout and his or her family. Setting an annual program plan, complete with a weekly calendar, provides direction for the troop and helps meet the goals Scouting. It also makes the best use of volunteer time, which makes it easier to recruit more…

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Have you completed your Pack Annual Plan yet?

Excellent Cub Scout packs know that a great program doesn’t just happen: packs must take the time to plan and organize for the year ahead. Planning helps prevent conflict and last-minute problems, and ensures a safe, successful program. Pack Annual Planning meetings ideally take place in May, June, or July to ensure that everyone is…

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Commissioners please support your unit leaders by registering and attending the District Awards Dinner – May 2, 2019

Greetings Commissioners, Please plan on attending the District Awards Dinner on May 2nd to support your unit leaders with your presence. This should be about supporting our volunteers and the great work that they are doing. Register at: Hope to see everyone there! Nick Fasching  District Commissioner

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Guidepost 1 Review and Reflect – 7 Days to Go!

Greetings Unit Commissioners, We have about 7 days before the deadline for  Guidepost 1, Review and Reflect. Currently we have 27 units that are qualified as complete. Please follow up with your units leaders and submit a report using  the Guidepost Reporting System. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give their unit…

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Commissioner Assignments as of Apr 6, 2019

Greetings Commissioners, Thank you for attending the Unit Commissioners Meeting on Thursday. Guidepost 1 is due in about 20 days. Please schedule the ‘Unit Reflection’ with your unit leaders and report the results using the JTE2.0 Guidepost Reporting System. The JTE.2.0 Guidepost Reporting System can be found on the Unit Commissioner Tools page of the…

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Unit Commissioner Tools Navigation Guide

Greetings, I have created a procedure to navigate to the Unit Commissioner Tools where you are to report your unit’s JTE 2.0  Guidepost Results.  The Commissioner Tools webpage includes the JTE  2.0 Requirements (reflection guides and instructions),  the Unit Visit Tracking Link (Pseudo – UVTS), and other items. At this time we are NOT using…

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Review and Reflect Guides for 2019 Available

Greetings Unit Commissioners, The updated Review and Reflect Guides for 2019 are available on the Commissioner Tools site. Please use these forms for your Units as you have them fulfill JTE Guidepost 1 which is due by April 30th. Please set up a Review and Reflect with your Units, the Girl Troops have also…

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JTE Guidepost 1 should be completed by April 30, 2018

Only 2 out of 70 units in the district have been logged as completed Guidepost 1 as of today. Unit Commissioners and Unit Leaders should schedule and meet to ‘Review and Reflect’ on your unit’s past and future program, if not already done. Unit Commissioners are reminded to log completed Guideposts into the JTE 2.0…

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Guidepost 1 – Review and Reflect – Due Apr 30, 2019

Dear Unit Leaders and Unit Commissioners, We are now at that time of year where Unit Leaders and their Unit Commissioners work together to complete the 2019 JTE Guidepost 1, Review and Reflect, which is to be completed by April 30, 2019. Unit Commissioners will be contacting each unit to set up a date and time to meet…

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