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Teen Earns Eagle Scout by Helping Puppies

Roberto D. has always been a fan of animals. In particular, he loves puppies. He and his family are big supporters of their SPCA, so when it came time for Roberto to complete his Eagle Scout project, helping out the puppies at the SPCA was a natural fit. He constructed dog beds for a local animal…

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These Brave Scouts Stopped a Wildfire

A wildfire might not be a normal part of a hiking experience, but every year, thousands of Scouts go hiking, and, while they don’t always know what they’ll encounter on those hikes, a good Scout knows it’s important to be prepared. Scouts talk about stopping a wildfire while on a hike (photo: NBC KING 5…

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Eagle Scout Helps Save Ranch from Danger of Fire

When a massive fire threatened to destroy his family’s ranch, an Eagle Scout’s quick thinking and commitment to be prepared helped protect the ranch from the danger of fire.  For his efforts, he earned the Medal of Merit from the Boy Scouts of America. Matt received the Medal of Merit (photo: Todd Dickson, Mountain View Telegraph)…

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Scout Escaped Civil War in Syria

As a child in Syria, Sami J. spent his time as a Syrian Boy Scout in the city of Aleppo, participating in typical Scouting activities and enjoying his days. As stability in Syria began deteriorating, Sami’s family made the difficult decision to leave their home and move to the United States. He was in 8th grade at…

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Scouts Recognize Memorial Day by Planting Flags

Each Memorial Day, in communities around the nation, there’s a familiar scene at many cemeteries. Scouts are out planting flags at the graves of members of the U.S. Armed Forces, recognizing their bravery and sacrifice in service to our nation. It’s an opportunity for Scouts and others to reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day,…

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Boy Uses Scout Skills to Save Brother from Drowning

What started as a fun family vacation became a frightening experience for two brothers when one began drowning while swimming. Jake saved his brother’s life. (photo: WRAL News) Brothers Jake and Josh L. were swimming in a lake when Jake swam across a small cove to go explore the opposite shore. Josh followed his older brother, but…

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Boy Scouts Replant Orange Trees Thieves Stole from a Church

When thieves stole the orange trees from a local church, a group of Boy Scouts stepped in to help. Scouts replanted trees stolen from a church by thieves (photo: CBS Sacramento) “Our first response was, ‘How can we help?’” said Scout Orion P. The church was growing the orange trees so that it could provide an always-fresh…

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Scout Shows Dogged Determination on Challenging Eagle Project

Dogged determination. It’s something every Eagle Scout candidate needs to be able to get through all of the challenges involved in reaching Scouting’s highest rank. Of course, when a Scout’s Eagle project is designed for dogs, an extra serving of dogged determination sure does come in handy. Scout Cooper O. and Brenna, a two-year-old rescue dog…

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Scouts Collect Nearly 2.2 Million Items During Scouting for Food

Story contributed by Christine Rasure, Public Relations Director at the Greater St. Louis Area Council. The holidays will be a little brighter for many families in need throughout the region as the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America collected 2,195,060 items of food during the 32nd annual Scouting For Food drive. It is…

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