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Scout Shows Dogged Determination on Challenging Eagle Project

Dogged determination. It’s something every Eagle Scout candidate needs to be able to get through all of the challenges involved in reaching Scouting’s highest rank. Of course, when a Scout’s Eagle project is designed for dogs, an extra serving of dogged determination sure does come in handy. Scout Cooper O. and Brenna, a two-year-old rescue dog…

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Scouts Collect Nearly 2.2 Million Items During Scouting for Food

Story contributed by Christine Rasure, Public Relations Director at the Greater St. Louis Area Council. The holidays will be a little brighter for many families in need throughout the region as the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America collected 2,195,060 items of food during the 32nd annual Scouting For Food drive. It is…

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Scouts Help Fight Hunger with Scouting for Food

Scouting for Food takes place in communities all across the United States. Scouts who participate often go into neighborhoods to collect food items that they then distribute to local food pantries and other charitable organizations that help to fight hunger. Scouts around the nation are Scouting for Food to provide for those in need. (photo:…

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Eagle Scout Bridge – building Project is Ambitious

Metaphorical bridge-building can be a big part of Scouting, but so can actual bridge-building. For Scout John O. of the Boy Scouts of America Patriots’ Path Council, his Eagle Scout project was going to be an opportunity to really push himself to accomplish something he knew would make an impact. This Eagle Scout built two…

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During Horrific Emergency, Scout Family Was Heroic

Every year, many Scouts go through emergency preparedness and first-aid training, and they all hope they’ll never find themselves in a situation that calls for them to use that emergency training. Unfortunately, hoping doesn’t make it so, and Scouts know that being prepared to stand up and help during a terrible situation is very important. Scout leader William…

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Scout Makes Local Park More User Friendly for Eagle Project

You’ll find at least one park in most communities around the country, and in a lot of these parks, you’ll find Scouts conducting a variety of activities. Improvements were made to the park. (photo: Skip Martin/Times Daily) For Scout William C. of the Boy Scouts of America Greater Alabama Council, his local park had been…

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Scouts Collect Candy to Give to Troops Serving Overseas

With Veterans Day this week, there is focus on all those who have served in the United States military as well as those currently serving their country. The members of the Boy Scouts of America Daniel Webster Council wanted to find a way to recognize these heroes and do something to show their gratitude. Their answer: Halloween…

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Kids Go “Gaga” for Eagle Scout Project

With the rise of technology, getting kids outside to play and exercise has become increasingly challenging. However, one sport that has been growing in popularity and getting kids active is gaga, sometimes referred to as “gaga ball.” Obviously, organizations like the Boy Scouts of America encourage exercise and getting outdoors, and Scouts like Brandon F.,…

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Eagle Project Provides Bikes to Children of Military Families

Veterans Day is a time for the nation to recognize and express its gratitude to those who have served in the military. Many of them have sacrificed much in pursuit of their duty, but it’s important to remember that many of the members of military families also make sacrifices. As a young boy, Scout James S. had…

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