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IMPORTANT UPDATE – Fall Horse Ranch Camporee rescheduled to September 21 – 23, 2018.

07/14/18 Camporee Host Unit  Members, District Committee Members, Camporee Volunteers, and Vendors: As communicated earlier, the owner of the River Valley Ranch asked us to change the date of our camporee (earlier email Based on the feedback we received from the host units, volunteers, and vendors working to plan and run the camporee, we have…

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Lost & Found Items – Spring Camporee 2018

The following items were left at the Spring Camporee 2018. Please contact me so that we can arrange for a pickup! Thank you. Scott Janke District Vice Chair and Key 5 612-367-7662         Post expires on Thursday June 14th, 2018

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Are you finding the information you need?

Quick Links To find various articles or announcements easily, visit the Quick Links on the front page of the district website. Simply scroll down and select your topic. For example, the quick link ‘Service Projects’ includes a list of articles related to the current district service projects. All the information is arranged in ascending order…

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New Responsive District Calendar with ICAL

We are pleased to announce that the district has migrated to a new calendar system. The new system includes an ICAL feature that allows access to the district calendar from other applications. You can copy and paste our address into any calendar product that supports the ICAL format. When events are added, deleted, or changed…

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