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13 Scouters to receive 2019 Silver Buffalo Award, Scouting’s top honor for volunteers

They’ve led giant corporations and highly ranked universities. They’ve skied at the North and South poles and chased eclipses around the world. They’ve volunteered with music education programs and at their places of worship. Impressive stuff, but there’s something even more remarkable on the résumés of the 13 men and women receiving the Silver Buffalo…

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Does helping fellow Scouts count for service requirements?

When someone needs help, Scouts are there to jump in and serve. That’s what Scouts do, even when it’s their fellow Scouts who are in need. Service plays an integral part in rank advancement, so when Scouts help each other out, the question sometimes comes up: Can helping another Scouting unit count for service hours…

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Scouts honor 75th anniversary of D-Day at Normandy Camporee 2019

The moment Jed Stahlback arrived on the beaches of Normandy, the 11-year-old Star Scout was struck by how peaceful everything seemed. “Climbing through flowers and grass growing in the remains of bomb craters seems crazy,” Jed says. As they stared in silence at a sea of American graves, brothers Andrew and Chris Forbes marveled at…

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Eagle Scouts among this year’s NFL draft class

David Montgomery credits what he learned in Scouting with leading him to this year’s NFL draft. Last week, he was drafted by the Chicago Bears. “To become an Eagle Scout was an experience I needed for me in my life that brought me here to this point and also influenced my mindset and the way…

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What leaders need to know regarding media speculation about the BSA’s financial situation

News broke this week speculating on the financial situation of the Boy Scouts of America, including a suggestion that the organization may be considering the option of bankruptcy. While that headline sounds startling, here’s the reality: Scouts, parents and adult volunteers can (and should) keep on enjoying the same great Scouting program uninterrupted. On Wednesday,…

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