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The Summit Bechtel Reserve offers top-notch training courses, too

The Philmont Training Center isn’t the exclusive home of high-level BSA training. Excellent opportunities await at the Summit Bechtel Reserve’s John D. Tickle National Training and Leadership Center in West Virginia. The center has a long name but a simple purpose: Help adults and youth make an even bigger impact on their unit, district or…

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Do you wear your neckerchief over or under the collar?

The neckerchief is the most underrated part of a Scout’s uniform. Around the globe, this piece of cloth is often the primary identifier that someone is a Scout. (Exhibit A: Bear Grylls, Chief Scout of the U.K.) Within the BSA, there are special neckerchiefs for Eagle Scouts, for each rank in Cub Scouting and for…

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Family Scouting success stories: Meet 5 packs that have welcomed girls

In California, a 7-year-old girl screamed with delight when she learned she could become an official member of her brother’s Cub Scout pack. In Tennessee, a Cubmaster approached his chartered organization about becoming an early adopter pack and welcoming girls, and the church leader told him “we’re right behind you.” And in Washington state, a…

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