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Polaris ATV trails at the Summit Bechtel Reserve are full of thrilling twists and turns

Dan Moore, a volunteer in the BSA’s Montana Council, has seen his share of first-rate trails for all-terrain vehicles. He even helped build five miles of ATV trails at a Scout camp in Montana. All this experience means that if you want to get Moore’s heart racing these days, your ATV trail better be world class. Well, ladies and gentlemen, start your…

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Everyone who drives Scouts should take this free online training course

Accidents are quite rare in Scouting. But when one does occur, it probably didn’t happen while camping. It likely didn’t involve backpacking, canoeing or climbing, either. The majority of Scouting accidents happen on the way to or from Scouting activities. They happen on the road. As a Scout leader responsible for driving Scouts or Venturers to Scouting activities, you should do…

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4 ways the BSA is strengthening its relationships with schools

In many cities and towns, the mission to grow Scouting begins at schools. That’s where lots of young people first learn about the Cub Scout packs and Boy Scout troops of which their classmates are members. The alignment is natural and robust. Scouting and schools emphasize civics, preparedness and service to the community. Ready to strengthen the relationship between Scouting…

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The Philmont Hymn: The enchanting tale behind Philmont’s official song

Philmont is a land of starlit skies, aspen-covered hills and wind in whisp’ring pines. That’s how John Westfall, who wrote “The Philmont Hymn,” described the Scouting paradise in New Mexico. Westfall was a teenager in 1945 when he wrote the song. He had just finished a Philmont trip, and the beauty of this hiking high-adventure base inspired him. Seven decades later, everyone…

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Meet your 2017 Silver Buffalo Award class

Some have names you know: Robert Baden-Powell, Charles Lindbergh, Hank Aaron. Others are Scouters whose names are less universally known but whose impact on Scouting has been just as transformative. Their common bond: the Silver Buffalo Award — the Boy Scouts of America’s highest honor for adult volunteers. It has been presented since 1926 for devoted service to Scouting on a national…

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This Eagle Scout received NESA’s largest scholarship in 2017

Eagle Scout Alex Sims is all about helping other people. He participates in Scouting for Food drives. He volunteers to clean up his school and his community.  And each month, he and some buddies head to the library to teach science to younger students. But the service project closest to Alex’s heart is the not-for-profit organization he started…

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