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Eagle Scout fights human trafficking in Cambodia

James Havey discovered his passion for helping the downtrodden and underprivileged after a trip to Mexico in middle school. He went on a trip with a Christian ministry to volunteer in orphanages around Monterrey, Mexico. “It was on this first trip down to Monterrey that I saw what poverty can do to a family, and what…

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Members of Congress share their thoughts on Scouting

Reps. Sanford Bishop of Georgia (blue shirt) and Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania pose with the Report to the Nation delegates. Both congressmen are members of the Congressional Scouting Caucus. Politicians may not align on every issue, but here’s one topic about which there’s near-unanimous agreement: Scouting helps prepare young men and young women for life.…

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What do you do if a leader is too quick to sign off requirements?

Scoutmaster John notices three Tenderfoot Scouts Liam, Ethan and Aiden across the room huddled around Assistant Scoutmaster Mark at a recent troop meeting, each with a rope in hand. They’re working on Second Class requirement 2g., tying a bowline and describing when to use it. Liam and Ethan enthusiastically craft the knot while Aiden, head…

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The most important patch in Scouting might not be what you think

The Arrow of Light marks a major milestone in a Cub Scout’s growth. The senior patrol leader badge represents the most important position in a troop. And the Eagle Scout award symbolizes an incredible journey of perseverance. But when considering the array of Scouting awards and recognitions available to young people, there’s one that stands…

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Here are 18 of the best Scouts BSA patrol names so far

What’s in a name? For Scouts BSA patrols, a name unites new and old friends. What’s more, it gives Scouts a chance to express their originality. And with new troops come new patrol names! The young minds in Scouts BSA have put their heads together to come up with the some of the most creative…

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Get your top 10 questions about Scouts BSA answered right here

Scouts BSA Troop 8222 of the California Inland Empire Council. There’s enthusiasm for the launch of Scouts BSA everywhere you look. You see it on social media, where young people are saying, #ScoutMeIn. You see it on the news as reporters highlight the BSA’s commitment to the whole family. And you see it in all 50…

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