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What to expect at the 2017 National Jamboree stadium shows

Jamboree shows are a big reason these quadrennial events are so epic. Tens of thousands of Scouts and Scouters gather to laugh, get inspired and rock out to some great music. Shows are a visual reminder that, as Scouts, we’re part of something bigger than our own troops and councils. The stadium shows at the 2017 National Jamboree will be some…

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With documentary, Eagle Scout on a mission to save the mountain caribou

Scouting inspired Marcus Reynerson to become an naturalist, conservationist and environmental educator. And now Reynerson wants to use those talents to save a species. Reynerson and his colleagues are trying to prevent the extinction of the mountain caribou of the Pacific Northwest. The 1997 Eagle Scout is the pride of Troop 115 from Louisville, Ky. These days, he lives in Seattle and…

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A big hand for these 8 recipients of the 2017 National Venturing Leadership Award

Venturers, with their green uniform shirts, stand out in a world of tan-shirted Scouts. And the eight Venturers who will receive the 2017 National Venturing Leadership Award stand out in the world of Venturing. The 2017 National Venturing Leadership Award recognizes great work done in 2016. You can see a list of past recipients here. Venturers, unofficially known as…

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Be Prepared: The origin story behind the Scout motto

Upon hearing the Scout motto, someone asked Scouting founder Robert Baden-Powell the inevitable follow-up question. “Prepared for what?” “Why, for any old thing,” he replied. In 1907, Baden-Powell, an English soldier, devised the Scout motto: Be Prepared. He published it in Scouting for Boys in 1908. (Two years later, in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America was founded.)…

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The big difference between Cub Scout advancement and Boy Scout advancement

Rank advancement in Cub Scouting is not like rank advancement in Boy Scouting. And that’s by design. In Cub Scouting, advancement is grade- or age-based. It’s a rank-per-year system designed to offer age-appropriate fun and challenges as Cub Scouts progress through the program. Cub Scouts don’t go back and work on ranks designed for earlier grade levels. They…

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The Teaching EDGE: The best way to teach someone a new skill

First, you Explain how it’s done. “I’m going to roast this marshmallow over the fire until it’s golden brown. Then I’m going to sandwich it between two graham crackers and a piece of chocolate.” Then, you Demonstrate the steps you just explained. Narrate your actions to reinforce the first step. Next, you Guide the learners as they…

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