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West Virginia University wants to educate the next generation of BSA professionals

West Virginia University, which has demonstrated its commitment to Scouting through its partnership with the nearby Summit Bechtel Reserve, will offer two new degree programs to train future leaders of organizations like the BSA. WVU’s bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership, set to debut in Spring 2019, will prepare students for careers leading nonprofit organizations. That means WVU…

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Extreme Makeovers, Round 23: Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos

Note: This is the 23rd in an occasional series where I share Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos. See the complete collection here. To fully understand the impact Eagle Scout projects have on communities, you need to see to believe. That’s why I asked to see Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos — the same photos prospective Eagles are asked to include with their post-project report.…

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