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Recommend a Durable Tent That’s Easy to Set Up

Q: I don’t have a tent, and we might need to camp a lot. Do you have some good recommendations? — Jiale, Dublin, California A: Hopefully, you’ll be camping a lot, and for that I recommend getting a tent that’s durable and easy to set up, and comes with a few helpful features. Tents range…

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Add to the Never-Ending List of Fire Starters

Every fire needs fuel and that’s where tinder, kindling and firewood come into play. So what “fuel” can you use to start a campfire? Check out this list of traditional and off-the-wall ideas that will get your campfire ignited with the help of a match, lighter or friction. Scroll on to add your own ideas…

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How to Build a Cooking Tripod

The tripod is the most simple freestanding pioneering structure. It is most often used to raise items off the ground. A well-built tripod can safely suspend a pot over a cooking fire. WHAT YOU’LL NEED TO MAKE A TRIPOD 3 hiking staffs (Item No. 1443 at for tripod legs 10-foot lashing rope (or 20…

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Best Multitool That’s Both Useful and Affordable

Q: What’s the best type of multitool that’s useful and affordable? — Levi, Orcutt, California A: The best type is one that has the tools you need. Do you really need to spend $170 on a heavy-duty device equipped with a miniature saw, hammer and electrical crimper for your monthly campouts? Probably not. Shop in…

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Take a Look at These 10 Intense Tents

Check out this photo gallery of crazy, futuristic, unusual and awesome tents. Which is your favorite? The Tunnel Tent These concept tents can be easily set up by themselves, or they can be connected together to make an entire tent community. The Solar Tent Three panels above this tent are woven with solar threads that…

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