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How to Buy a Good Rain Jacket

There’s no bad weather — just bad gear and bad attitudes. Rainy and windy? No problem. Just bring along a waterproof and windproof rain jacket. Here’s how to buy a good one that is sure to keep you dry and warm in any type of downpour. THE LOW DOWN ON RAIN JACKETS When experts talk…

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How to Buy a Great Backpack

Backpacking expands your world, opening up vast backcountry areas for exploration beyond the reach of day hiking. But you’ll have to carry your portable home on your back. Besides boots, no piece of gear will affect how much you enjoy this activity like your backpack. Follow the Gear Guy’s advice to make sure you get…

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How to Fuel Your Body in the Backcountry

Q. What’s the trick to having enough energy while on a big outing? — Jack, Boston, Massachusetts Whether you’re backpacking, climbing, paddling or taking a simple hike, the key to maintaining your energy is food. Fuel your body right with these simple rules for eating in the backcountry: 1. Start the day with food. Hitting…

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How to Wash Your Dog

Being a responsible dog owner means keeping your pup clean. Try these dog-bathing tips from the Dog Care merit badge pamphlet. TAKE IT SLOWLY Start by getting your dog used to an empty tub. Work your way up to adding warm water. SOAP UP Never use shampoo made for people. It is too strong and…

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3 Fun Wintertime Projects When It’s Cold Outside

SAFETY FIRST: Ask an adult to help with tools you haven’t used before. When Old Man Winter bares his cold, sharp icicle fangs, don’t turn into an indoor flake. Bite back! Here are three cold-weather projects to sink your teeth into during winter and walk away with a few cool souvenirs. MAKE A SNOWFLAKE FOSSIL…

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