Are you hosting a Peer Recruiting Event this fall?

One of the best ways to recruit new Scouts is ‘peer-to-peer’. When a Scout brings a friend to a scouting event (e.g., pack or den meeting, troop campout, lock-in, pinewood derby, field trip, etc), they both have fun! It’s a fantastic introduction to Scouts for the youth and their parents.

Cub Scouts — Which of your activities could your Cub Scouts invite their friends to? All of them! What a great way for other youth members to get a firsthand look at Cub Scouting! This could be a day hike, a hay ride, a simple cookout with games or a STEM activity like launching model rockets. Set up a few sample activities from the different Cub Scout handbooks and let all youth try. If your friend joins, you can both earn a Recruiter/Recruited Pocket Patch!

Scouts BSA — What is your Troop’s activity this month? Are you camping out? Learning new skills, like first-aid, hiking, or winter camping? Invite a friend to join you in the fun of Scouts! If your friend joins the Troop, you earn your Recruiter Strip AND a Pocket Knife!

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