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Yes, a Cub Scout really did make that Pinewood Derby car!

From the community-shaking feats of Eagle Scouts to the creativity of Cub Scouts, any parent or volunteer who’s seen Scouts in action will tell you: Never underestimate them. The same is true when you marvel at the designs and speed of the Pinewood Derby creations cropping up all over your social media feeds this time…

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Scouting Show and Tell: Pinewood Derby cars

Let’s go racing, Cub Scouts! It’s Pinewood Derby time, when Scouts turn blocks of wood into fierce and fun race cars. It’s a tradition that dates back to 1953, and today, it’s a very popular Cub Scout activity. Be sure to check out what’s new at the Scout Shop. Your Scout can adorn their car…

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2020 Pinewood Derby Rules Released

The Pinewood Derby Rules for 2020 should be used by anyone who participates in the Lake Minnetonka District Pinewood Derby Finals or in the Council Pinewood Derby Finals. And finally, remember the No. 1 rule of a Pinewood Derby is that it’s supposed to be fun. While you should always strive to do your best, don’t…

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2019 Pinewood Derby Fest – Ridgedale Center – Photos and Statistics – Mar 16, 2019

2019 Pinewood Derby Fest – Ridgedale Center – Photos and Race Results – Mar 16, 2019 Alternative Viewing: View photos in SmugMug Gallery   About Scout Fest 02/19/2019 SCOUT FEST 2019 – RIDGEDALE CENTER – March 16, 2019 During the Pinewood Derby Finals, SCOUT FEST will be happening throughout Ridgedale Center for the whole family!  Scout Fest is…

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Lake Minnetonka and Mustang District Pinewood Derby Finals 2019 – March 16, 2019 – AT RIDGEDALE CENTER – FREE – Registration Now Open!

Pinewood Derby Fest 2020 at Ridgedale Center Saturday, March 14, 2020 — 10am-5pm Derby Location: Ridgedale Center, Minnetonka   Bring A Friend to the Race! Event Flyer (all the details) Pinewood Derby Rules 2020 Must Read Articles Video: A Den 9 Special Report Watch a Pinewood Derby kit go from tree to track in 73…

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Pinewood Derby Fest 2019 – Ridgedale Center – An Absolute Success!

On Saturday, March 16, 2019, the Pinewood Derby Fest happened throughout Ridgedale Center, which included not only the District Pinewood Derby Finals for Lake Minnetonka and Mustang Districts, but it also included actives and crafts, displays, and giveaways. The Pinewood Derby Fest was one of the district’s Join Scouting Events! The archery booths, climbing wall, music DJ’s,…

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District Pinewood Derby Finals – FREE OF CHARGE – Now Open To All Cub Scout Racers at Ridgedale Center – Mar 16, 2019 – CHECK IF YOUR PACK RACERS ARE ATTENDING!

AT YOUR REQUEST — the 2019 District Pinewood Derby Finals is now open to all district Cub Scout racers, regardless of how they placed with their pack. Even if your Pack’s race is not until late March, you are welcome and encouraged to enter the District Pinewood Derby Finals. The Lake Minnetonka AND Mustang Pinewood…

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