2020 Pinewood Derby Rules Released

The Pinewood Derby Rules for 2020 should be used by anyone who participates in the Lake Minnetonka District Pinewood Derby Finals or in the Council Pinewood Derby Finals.

And finally, remember the No. 1 rule of a Pinewood Derby is that it’s supposed to be fun. While you should always strive to do your best, don’t get caught up in winning or having the fastest car. Just enjoy the ride.

  • There are no major rule changes this year. There are WARNING boxes and boxes with useful INFO. Key Rules are listed below:
  • In order to race at the Northern Star Scouting Cub Scout Championship, the participant must satisfy one of the two membership requirements.
    •  Registered as a Cub Scout at some point since January 1st, 2020
    • 5th Grade Cub Scout who bridged (joined) Scouts BSA since September 1st, 2019.
  • The Cub Scout cars must be built for the current Pinewood Derby Racing Season. NO REPEATS or REPAINTS. (OPEN Championships may be repeats)
  • A completed car purchased from a third party is not allowed.
  • The car may not be sent to third party facilities for tuning or other performance enhancements
Den 9 Special Report on Pinewood Derby 2020 Pinewood Derby Rules


Looking for Speed Tips on a faster car?


Robert Henry
Pinewood Derby Coordinator

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