2019 District Pinewood Derby Finals “Need for Speed” Official Patch Design Contest

The date is set for the district’s 2019 pinewood derby finals, March 16, 2019!

New this year!

  • Packs are encouraged to send their top three (3) racers from each rank, Lion Scout – Arrow of Light. That is eighteen (18) racers per Pack! The race will be FREE of charge for these racers.
  • There will be an open class for any Scout or parent that would like to put his car up against other racers in the open class. The cost of this race is $5.00  per car.
  • There will be a second open class for any Scout from outside the district who would like to race his car in the open class. The cost of this race is $5.00  per car.
  • There will be refreshments available for purchase during the race.
  • Consider attending the Pinewood Derby Build Clinic on Thursday, Jan 3, 2019  from 6:00 to 6:50PM at the Minnetonka Community Center.  Additional information is available below.

“Need for Speed” Official Patch Design Contest

Soon it will be time for Cubmasters to distribute pinewood derby cars to their packs.  Leaders are encouraged to hand out copies of the official pinewood derby rules at the same time. The rules may also be found on the district website or using the link below.

We are accepting design entries for our 2019 Pinewood Derby patch.  The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate from Dick’s, as well as public recognition at the derby and at our March 2019 roundtable. Why not hand out an entry form with the derby rules and cars? The deadline is February 15, 2019.

Pinewood Derby Rules 2019 Build Clinic Flyer 2019 District Pinewood Derby Finals, “Need for Speed” Official Patch Design Contest A Den 9 Special Report on Their Pinewood Derby

Any questions please let me know –

Robert Henry
District Pinewood Finals Coordinator

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