2017 School Night for Scouting 🗓

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Heroes Start Here

Our biggest recruitment effort is approaching faster than a speeding bullet! We are gearing up to recruit over 4,500 new Scouts through School Night for Scouting, which will again have a Superhero theme, with a few CHANGES:

  • The night will be Tuesday, September 19, in observance of Rosh Hashanah.
  • NEW Cubs recruited will receive a Superhero Frisbee, and a glow in the dark t-shirt

There is also PACK recruitment recognition – packs who hit their recruitment goal for this fall will be invited to an event in recognition of their efforts. Details on this recognition are in the School Night for Scouting Playbook. This was covered in the SNFS trainings in April, if you missed a training, attend your May District Roundtable for your training.

What About Kids Who Don’t Want to Join That Night?

You can register new Scouts ANYTIME! Just make sure that you bring their application in to one of our Scout Service Centers as you get them, to ensure that they are covered by insurance, can start earning their rank, and will start getting their Boys’ Life magazine.

Promotional Materials

Your Pack, Troop, or Crew will be able to pick up materials for:

  • Summer festivals and parades
  • School Open Houses
  • Unit Open House and “Bring a Friend” activities

Materials available include: wrist bands, invite cards, fliers, Superhero stickers, Superhero trading cards, and more. Arrange to get summer promotional materials from your Program Resource Executive.

Join Online

You can also always visit our website to join anytime.

Bob Thielen
Assistant Director of Field Service

Post expires on Wednesday August 2nd, 2017


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